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Wood Stove Accessories
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This wood pellet basket is 12 in. wide, 7 in.  tall and 8 in. deep. It is designed to allow a wood stove or fire place to be used with wood pellets. It is made with 3/16 in. mild steel.


I made this after fabricating the 1/4 in, round bar basket, that I also sell. It took so long to put the other together, I figured there was an easier way.


These baskets can be used in place of wood in an emergency or if you just like handling bags of pellets instead of cords of wood. They produce a more consistent heat, with less mess, though never as "hot" as using actual wood.


So far this style has handled 2 months of continous use during an Alaska winter without warping or damage.

Order/Custom Order Inquiries

I can fabricate baskets and wood holders with different dimensions. Please use this form to let me know what you want, and I will give you a quote and a time frame.

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