Custom Fabrication

It might not be cheap, nor mass manufacturing perfect, but it should last as long as you, and then some.

Shop Talk

New Arc Fabrication LLC is a one man, small shop operation with very little storage space. Most of the products will be built after they are ordered. Check out the Facebook page or tiktok to see what I am working on and what I have ready to buy.


Since the vast majority of my products are custom made, I will be billing using invoices instead of the usual cart. Please email with what you want to buy.


Shipping and handling will be handled on an individual basis. The price for shipping and handling will be added to the invoice. I will not ship the larger items, but delivery to Anchorage or the Matsu may be available for an additional fee.


Metal prices seem to be ever changing so the prices will too. Please keep this in mind.


I am currently using PayPal for money collection. You don't have to have an account with them, they just need an email and your credit card number. All my local customers may also pay with cash.