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This Alaska themed fire pit is built using 3/16 in. plate. It is 30.5 in. at its widest and 26.25 in. at its narrowest. The panels are 15 in. x 15 in. and it has 3 in. legs with 2.5 in. square feet.  It is 18.5 in. tall. It also has six 1in. drain holes. (All dimensions approximate)


If you want this firepit design, as it is, the price is as stated. I can change the order of the panels or just use certain ones. As long as I am not designing new panels the price won't change. If you want personalized panels or a different theme, the cost will increase depending on design time. Names are easy and quick, pictures are not.


No copyrighted pictures or themes will be designed.




Order/Custom Order Inquiries

I can fabricate firepits with different dimensions and panels. Please use this form to let me know what you want, and I will give you a quote and a time frame.

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